Sunday, March 8, 2009

London Welsh trades: dairies (2)

By 1900, half of London's dairies were Welsh-owned, but almost all disappeared in the second half of the twentieth century. Traces of London's former Welsh dairies can still be found in central London. In particular, the frontages of Lloyd's Dairy on Amwell Street and French's Dairy on Rugby Street remain intact.

Today, French's Dairy sells fabulous jewellery and has graced the cover of Japanese Vogue. Lloyd's Dairy, aka Unpackaged, offers a wide range of organic foods sold loose and encourages customers to bring their own containers.

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  1. Have found your blogs on dairies interesting; my grandfather mover from Aberystwyth to London in 1910 and had dairies in Caledonian Road and Fulham; and then my dad in Peckham and Tooting.

    Tudor Morgan